BBQ Catering in New Jersey is one of our specialties
Catering by Design is one of the leading Catering Companies in NJ
Catering by Design also provides Party Planning in NJ

A  Farm -To- Table  Catering Company

Thank you for stopping by to visit and for considering us for your upcoming event. We are your one stop shop for Wedding Catering in New Jersey, and all of your full service catering events. We also specialize in  BBQ catering in New Jersey.
We are located in beautiful Sussex County, N.J. As a leader among catering companies in NJ, we are proudly offering catering services to Sussex County and throughout New York and New Jersey.
At Catering by Design we use only the finest and freshest ingredients available.. Being from Sussex County we have a strong commitment to using our local farmers and buying farm fresh ingredients whenever possible. Eating local not only helps to support our local economy, it also results in fresher, better tasting food. Farmers care about their product and we are passionate about keeping them in business. Everything we make is homemade, including our sauces, breads, pastries, and dressings. We believe once you sample one of our dishes you will see that the difference is in the taste!
We are here to service all of your indoor and outdoor events. Whether you are having an intimate dinner party for friends or a backyard barbecue, Catering by Design will be sure to give you the quality and attention to detail you deserve. We have a package to suit every budget and every style, so keep us in mind when doing your party planning in NJ. Additional services can also be arranged. Once you call us we will work with you to determine what your needs are so that we can create the perfect package for you. So call us today and let us make you a guest at your next party!
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